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Recycling and Disposal of Waste Solvents




Solvent Refiners Limited  -  We specialize in Recycling and Disposal of Waste Solvents and Disposal of Hazardous and Toxic Waste Sludges

Solvents are a vital part of modern life.  Many industries and industrial processes are dependent on the use of solvents.  However, solvents have a limited life as they become contaminated and degraded with use.  This used solvent must then be disposed of.

Waste solvents are hazardous due to their flammability, toxic nature and narcotic effect and require careful handling to ensure a safe and environmentally acceptable disposal.  Environmental legislation has been passed to ensure ground water, ecological systems and food chains are not contaminated with these wastes. 

At Solvent Refiners, we believe the best solution to these waste disposal problems is RECYCLING.

The waste solvent is processed to separate a clean reusable product from the contaminants contained in the waste.  The clean reusable solvent is available for reuse at a fraction of the cost of new solvent.  The separated contaminants are processed to produce a non-leachable waste that can be safely disposed of at an approved landfill.

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Last modified: 04/04/12