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Refining Process




The Process we use for treating Waste Solvents is Distillation

The plant at Solvent Refiners Ltd consists of a series of special stills.  The waste solvents, normally in 200 litre drums, enter the plant and are pumped into tanks for settling and testing prior to processing.  These wastes are initially distilled in our Primary Still.  This gives a raw solvent which has been separated from the heavy toxic contaminants.

The raw solvent is further processed in our Fractionating Still to give a premium solvent.  After laboratory testing, and if necessary, re-blending with new solvent (to yield a product of the desired specification) the solvent can be sold as a "Recycled Solvent".

The bottoms from the Primary and Fractionating Stills, containing the heavy toxic contaminants now in the form of a pumpable sludge, are introduced into our Roller Still.  This still works under high vacuum and the sludge gives up all traces of the solvent.  Upon cooling the sludge becomes solid and stable, and after passing a Leachate Test, it can be safely dumped at the landfill.


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Last modified: 04/04/12